Over a decade of fighting poverty and transforming lives.

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Our Mission

Align International Mission Statement

We are a non-profit organization committed to helping marginalized people gain access to daily food, clean water, basic health care and education.

How We Accomplish Our Mission

Align International Life Homes

Life Homes

A safe place for children that have been abandoned, orphaned or rescued from severe abuse.

Donela Schools

Our schools are committed to raise a Godly generation and provide a quality affordable education.


Clean water, daily meals, medical/ mental-health care, and education for widows and children in need.

Scholarship Program

Higher learning opportunities for students who have overcome adversity with a strong faith, upstanding character and commitment to academics.

Align International Life Homes

With Your Help

4 homes built to provide a safe haven for orphaned/ abused children.
Over 275 lives transformed through sponsorship.
Over 2000 children given a quality education through Donela Schools.